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How to Maintenance of axial fan?

How to Maintenance of axial fan ?1. The use environment should always be kept clean, the surface of the fan should be kept clean, there should be no debris in the inlet and outlet, and the dust and other debris in the fan and pipe should be removed regularly.2. The fan can only be operated under completely normal conditions, and the power supply facilities should be ensured to have sufficient capacity and stable voltage. Defective operation is strictly prohibited.3. When the fan is found to have abnormal sound, serious motor heating, live shell, switch trip, unable to start and other phenomena during operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. In order to ensure safety, maintenance is not allowed during the operation of the fan. After maintenance, test run should be conducted for about five minutes to confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon before starting operation.4. Add or replace lubricating grease to bearings irregularly according to the operating environment (motor closed bearings do not need to replace lubricating grease during their service life). In order to ensure good lubrication during the operation of the fan, fill bearings and motor bearings with zl-3 lithium based lubricating grease for at least 1000 hours per time. It is strictly prohibited to run without oil.5, the fan should be stored in a dry environment, to avoid the motor moisture. Defensive measures should be taken when the fan is stored in the open air. In the storage and handling process should prevent the fan bump, so as to avoid damage to the fan.Axial fan is very widely used. It is the air flow in the same direction as the axis of the wind blade, such as the electric fan. The fan outside the air conditioner is the axial flow fan. It is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan axis. Axial fans are usually used in situations where the flow requirement is high and the pressure requirement is low. Axial fans hold the air in place and move it. Axial fan is mainly composed of fan impeller and casing, simple structure but very high data requirements.

What Advantages We Have?

1)We have more than 10 years experience in industry fans. That means, we can preview the problems for the orders and provide professional technical guidance and support. Therefore, it will make sure to reduce the risk of bad situation to happen.2)Point-to-point service: A sales staff will provide you with services from inquiry to delivery, and engineers will ask and answer technical questions and technical support. In this process, you only need to discuss all the questions with them. This way saves a lot of time and ensures the correctness of information.3)Free design: If you are not ready for the designs, the professional designers will be able to help you with it freely.4)Strict QC: For each order, strict inspection will be carried out by the QC department before shipping.   The bad quality will be avoid within door.5)Shipping: We have shipping department and forwarder, so we can promise faster delivery and make the goods well protected.6)Installation and after-sales support: We provide installation drawings and instructions. Many countries set offices, send engineers stationed, if encountered after-sales problems, within five days the engineer will go to your company, after-sales treatment.

How To Order?

Please send us your purchase order by Email or whatsApp ( E-mail address:, WhatsApp:+86 158 6712 8766)  we need to know the following information for your order:1) Product information: Quantity, Specification ( voltage, input power, speed, airflow, working point, working temperature, single phase or three phase etc ), products  specification will be the best.2)  According to the detailed information provided by the ctomer, the engineer makes the sample.3) Provide sample for testing.4) Wait for sample test results.5) After the sample test is passed, we can place a batch order. If the sample does not pass, the engineer makes a new sample again and sends it out the second time.6) Delivery time required.7) Shipping information: Company name, Address, Phone number, Destination seaport/airport.8) Forwarder's contact details if there is any in China.9) Arrange transportation, book the shipping date/flight in advance, container or bulk cargo transportation.10) Customs declaration, prepare China Customs declaration documents.11)Prepare customs clearance documents, prepare all kinds of customs clearance documents required by the receiving country, and send the documents to the customer.

What Is Our Company Product ?

 Hangzhou Yade Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. which is the professional manufacturer of various fans, products are widely used in refrigeration, HVAC,air purification, air conditioning,IT and other industries. Employees are about 300 people, including R&D staff about 60 people. Annual production capacity is about 700,000 units.YADE produce AC,EC and DC axial fan, centrifugal fan, shaded pole mothor. AC axial fan has excellent performance, with diameter range from φ200 to φ900 mm and maximum air volume up to 24,000m3/h. Backward centrifugal fan covers a diameter range from φ133 to φ560 mm. Forward centrifugal fan includes single-inlet and dual-inlet. Our products are low noise, long service life and easy to install.We has professional R&D team,precise testing equipment, advanced production lines and production management, has developed varied ranges of high air flow, high efficiency ,low noise and long service life fans.Our company has got ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System certified,our products have got approval in America,approval in Europe,  safety certificate in China and RoHS approval in Europe. We'll try our best to supply products of top quality and best service continuously.