Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan Φ400 | Used In Building | Low Noise High Airflow | Customization
Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan  Φ400  | Used In Building  |  Low Noise High Airflow | Customization
Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan  Φ400  | Used In Building  |  Low Noise High Airflow | Customization
Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan  Φ400  | Used In Building  |  Low Noise High Airflow | Customization

Item specifics

Aluminum Casting Rotor and Aluminum Alloy Impeller
Control mode
0 -10V/PWM
Protection Class
Insulation Class



Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan  Φ400  | Used In Building  | Customization FEATURES
centrifugal fan
EC137-B400             Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan

Product description:

EC centrifugal fan is a device that generates airflow by centrifugal force driving impeller. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, stable operation and low noise. The structural characteristics of ec centrifugal fan are mainly reflected in the impeller, motor and shell.

EC centrifugal fans have a very wide range of applications, including air purification, industrial production, building ventilation, water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. In terms of air purification, ec centrifugal fans are mainly used in air purifiers, air ventilation systems and other equipment.

In industrial production, ec centrifugal fans can be used for compressed air, vacuuming, exhaust, conveying, drying and other processes. In terms of building ventilation, EC centrifugal fans can be used for ventilation in commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, sports venues and other places.

In water treatment, EC centrifugal fan can be used for wastewater treatment, drinking water purification and other environmental protection equipment. In chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, ec centrifugal fans are also widely used.

Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan  Φ400  | Used In Building  | Customization  Performance Parameters
centrifugal fan
Model selection
Rated voltage V
Working Voltage V
  Power W
dB (A)
Customized advantage
Q:   What Is our company product ?
A :   AC &EC &DC axial fan, centrifugal fan, shaded pole mothor.
Q:   How to order?
A :   Please send us your purchase order by Email or Fax, or you can ask us to send you Proforma Invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:
1) Product information: Quantity, Specification ( voltage, input power, speed, airflow, working point, working temperature ), Artwork or Sample will be the best.
2) Delivery time required.
3) Shipping information: Company name, Address, Phone number, Destination seaport/airport.
4) Forwarder’s contact details if there is any in China.
Q:   How long and how to get sample from us ?
A :    1) If you need some sample to text, we can make as per your request, please provide us PDF or Al for Making. You should pay forthe transportation freight of samplesand sample cost (cost from USD30 to USD200, depend on the product), while the sample cost can be refundable if order is confirmed and QTY goes up to 500pcs.
2) Lead time for making sample:  about 7 days 
3) The transportation freight of samples: the freight depends on the weight and packing size and your area.
Q:   What advantages we have?
A :   Rich experience: We have more than 10 years experience in this industry. That means, we can preview the problems for the orders and products. Therefore, it will make sure to reduce the risk of bad situation to happen.
Point to point service: There is one sale who will serve you from inquiry to products shipped out.During the process, you just need to discuss with her for all problems and the way saves much time
Free design: If you are not ready for the designs, the professional designers will be able to help you with it freely.
Strict QC: For each order, strict inspection will be carried out by the QC department before shipping. The bad quality will be avoid within door.
Shipping: We have shipping department and forwarder, so we can promise faster delivery and make the goods well protected.